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MJR TOM International +31 (0)88 - 070 1000

 Tom backpack 

The Tom backpack allows both warm and cold (non) carbonated drinks to be served. This backpack was fully designed by MJR TOM and unique in its kind. By using our bag-in-box system in combination with the EPP covers we can serve the drinks at the right temperature and guarantee the quality as you wish.  



The Tom backpack works on the basis of a frequently proven and further developed bag-in-box system. This means that we work with a hard shell (housing) in which 1 or 2 exchangeable inner bags are hung. This makes it possible to serve multiple drinks from 1 backpack, if desired. Each inner bag has a capacity of approximately 6L.

The inner bag can be filled through the large closable filling opening at the top. The inner bag is made of heat resistant (up to 95 ° C) laminated plastic and can be filled and refilled for a continuous period of 12 hours. The inner bag can be filled through the large lockable filling opening at the top after this period to ensure quality and safety. The inner bag is made of heat resistant (up to 95 ° C) laminated plastic and can be filled and refilled for a continuous period of 12 hours. After this period, the inner bag must be replaced to ensure quality and safety

The drink flows out of the backpack by means of gravity. No propellant is used here, so that the quality of the drink remains optimal. The passage of the tap materials are made with an extra large diameter, so that you can quickly pour a cup of coffee or tea.

The housing is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), known for its processing in various insulation boxes. By using this foam, the inner bag is sufficiently protected against impact and damage, and it also offers sufficient insulation. This ensures that your drink can be kept at the right temperature for at least an hour, regardless of the ambient temperature.

All backpacks are provided with an ergonomically designed support construction.


The housing of the Tom backpack is provided with branding by means of thin printed plates. Usually, a print on foamed PVC or PP is chosen, depending on the series size. A total of 5 plates are placed on the backpack that are mounted independently of each other. Placing the plates with Velcro makes it easy to quickly change appearance.

The base color of the housing is black. With larger numbers it is possible to order the housing in color (some standard signal colors).


The backpack has a flag slot on both sides to carry a single or double promotional flag.

Cups are easy to carry in a cup dispenser. The most common sizes of cups fit in this dispenser.

The Tom backpack can be used in combination with, among other things, the condiment pouch, vending tray and apron. This way you can, for example, carry sugar, milk and coffee stirrers with you and offer something to eat.


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