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MJR TOM International +31 (0)88 - 070 1000

 Carbonated Backpack 

Carbonated drinks are always served at the right temperature from our innovative Carbonated backpacks. The use of high-quality materials guarantees the highest quality of the drinks.



The backpack works on the basis of an 11.4L keg ​​(3US Gallon) which is pressurized with a CO2 cylinder. In comparison with systems based on the addition of air, our closed system ensures a higher quality of the drink, over a longer period of time.

Transferring the drink and adjusting the equipment is specialist work. Thus, MJR TOM only supplies the Carbonated backpack with at least one managing manager, so you do not have to worry about the correct use of the materials and solving possible tapping problems.

The entire backpack is equipped with insulation to pour the drinks at the right temperature. An insulating mat is placed around the keg and the tap hose is also provided with a thick layer of insulating foam.

All backpacks are equipped with an ergonomically designed carrying construction for optimal wearing comfort.



The side of the backpack has a slot in which the promotional flag can be inserted.

Cups are easy to carry in a cup dispenser. The most common cup sizes fit in this dispenser, ranging from 20cl to one liter.

The Carbonated backpack can be used in combination with, among other things, the condiment pouch, vending tray and apron. This way you can, for example, add garnish to your cocktails or hand out a flyer or snack next to your drink.

All backpacks are equipped with an ergonomically designed carrying construction for optimal wearing comfort. 


The backpack can be branded in different ways:

  1. Temporary branding by means of a logo plate printed on soft PVC. The logo plate can be used in combination with a black rental backpack from MJR TOM.
  2. Nylon (in some standard colors) backpacks can be provided with screen printing or transfer printing.
  3. Backpacks made of durable soft PVC (provided with an anti-scratch layer) can be printed with digital print.

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