MJR TOM International +31 (0)88 - 070 1000
MJR TOM International +31 (0)88 - 070 1000

 Beverage Buggy 

Teh Beverage Buggy is the perfect base to serve carbonated drinks at any location at any venue. The Beverage Buggy is completely serl supporting.  



The buggy is standard equipped with a tapping installation in which up to a maximum of 60L (3 kegs of approx. 20L) can be placed. The kegs are filled on site from the existing installation and are kept at constant pressure in the system with CO2. This guarantees the quality of the drink for a longer period of time.

The frame of the buggy is made of aluminum and the various materials on the worktop are made of stainless steel. Thus, the appearance of the tap installation is not inferior to a regular bar. During transport, the worktop with tapping installation is tilted towards the inside of the buggy, so that the stainless steel parts cannot be damaged.

In addition to the version with a tap installation, the buggy can be equipped with a flat worktop or gastronome containers and a bottle container. In this way you have all the necessities at hand to serve a perfect cocktail.

By linking several buggies together by means of an extra worktop, you increase the total workspace and the capacity and the range to be served can be increased. Several people can be operated at the same time and various actions are distributed among the staff. The linked buggies replace the conventional bar as known from events.


The frame of the buggy has grooves in which printed plates can be pushed. This allows you to provide the front and both sides with any brand appearance. In addition, the buggies are standard equipped with a metal light box in the form of a flag, which protrudes above the audience. For example, the mobile bar is clearly visible and findable both during the day and at night, and the communicated brand or event is central.



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