Brand ambassadors / Catering staff

Whether you are looking for hawkers, brand ambassadors, bar staff, hosts/hostesses or models; MJR TOM has the right staff for every job!

Brand ambassadors and catering staff

MJR TOM has a large workforce, referred to as MJR TOMMERS, specially recruited and carefully vetted to fit brand profiles. Our MJR TOMMERS are enthusiastic, charismatic and committed individuals who have affinity with particular brands and enjoy representing them. Whether you need vendors, brand ambassadors, hostesses or models; MJR TOM provides the perfect people for the job!

5.1 Enthousiaste en representatieve promotie- en cateringmedewerkers

Specially selected teams

Together with our clients MJR TOM identifies certain qualities we are looking for in our MJR TOMMERS to create brand ambassador teams. If required additional training will be given to impart further product knowledge, brand attributes and insights to increase affinity with the brand. All this to ensure the desired brand messaging is delivered to the target audience!

5.2 Speciaal geselecteerd team

Professional models

Our in-house modelling agency FAB industry has a large database of professional models. Not only do they have the looks to match your brand but our ‘working models’ are also knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic about the brands and products the models represent. FAB Industry prides itself on the ability to create a complete look, style or theme that seamlessly meets the needs of our client or brand.