Heineken Global



Being a Dutch company originally it is understandable that HEINEKEN is among our most loyal clients. We don’t just work together in Holland but also in USA, Dubai, Ukraine, Sint Maarten and many other countries where Heineken needs a sales driven activation tool.

Johan Cruijff ArenA Amsterdam

MJR TOM has been the mobile catering partner with Johan Cruijff ArenA since 2005. From André Hazes to the Rolling Stones and Sensation White; we have seen it all in Amsterdam. Depending on the band that is playing MJR TOM operates between 15 and 50 vendors per night, serving beer, soft drinks, ice creams, cocktails and even hot food.

Qmusic Ice Cream Truck 2019

MJR TOM has been Qmusic’s brand activation partner since 2015 and the Qmusice ice-cream truck stands out the most. During 3 weeks the MJR TOM Brand Ambassadors travel across the country to hand out free ice creams from a branded ice cream truck

Sydney Showground

MJR TOM started working with Sydney Showground in 2019, right after a local entity (MJR TOM AUS) was established. The venue is suitable for various sporting events as well as music concerts. Depending on the event taking place MJR TOM operates up to 40 vendors per event.

Electric Love 2019

MJR TOM has been working at Electric Love Festival since 2017. Electric Love is held on a beautiful location near Salzburg and is considered one of our most valued partners. The EDM minded festival attracts around 55,000 visitors per day and is held over the course of 3 days. A variety of beer, cider and mixed spirits are sold by the MJR TOM vendors.

Best case: Electric Love Festival 2019 (3 days)
Vendors per day: 30
Total sales: 17,284 drinks

Rugby Worldcup 2019

For the 2019 edition of Rugby World Cup, which was held in Japan, MJR TOM produced 1,080 HEINEKEN branded rack backpacks. For this specific event the “can collector bags” were created, allowing the vendors to decant cans and bring back empties. The backpacks were used in 10 out 12 tournament venues and in total nearly 900,000 beers were sold using them.

Hampden Park 2019

In contrast to most other venues at Hampden Park MJR TOM operates draught buggies. The buggies are placed in strategic locations around the perimeter of the pitch, giving the venue an extra 24 points of sales in an area where static bars are not allowed. The buggies are set up in groups of six and are all managed by a Personal License Holder.

Best case: P!nk 2019
Vendors per night: 24 (2 nights)
Total sales: app. 20,600 drinks

Etihad 2019

MJR TOM has been the proud hawking partner at Etihad Stadium in Manchester since 2016. On average the stadium hosts 4 concerts per summer, where MJR TOM provides all on-pitch vendors. Depending on the band that’s playing we operate between 40 and 100 vendors per night, selling mostly beer and cider.

Best case: Stone Roses 2016 (4 nights)
Vendors per night: 100
Total sales: app. 85,000 drinks

NS Railcatering

In 2019 MJR TOM developed brand new coffee backpacks and vending trays for the National Railways. The backpacks are used for their rail catering, a proven concept that has been carried out successfully for many years. In total 90 coffee backpacks and vending trays have been taken into use by National Railways.

Rock Werchter 2019

MJR TOM and Rock Werchter have been working together successfully since 2018. The four day Live Nation event is considered one of the best in its category and attracts around 80,000 visitors per day. Just recently a new long term contract was signed which means that MJR TOM will operate 50 vendors per day for the next three years.

Best case: Rock Werchter 2019 (4 days)
Vendors per day: 30
Total sales: app. 78,000